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FF: Going Public

Title: Going Public

Fandom: West Wing

Characters: Leo/Jordan

Rating: G
Prompt: Privateers
Notes: This was written for raedbard's Rare Pairings Ficathon. 
Special thanks to lifeasanamazon for her beta skills and encouragement, with the disclaimer that I added a bit after she gave it the once over. Also, thank you to sweetlysavage and simplyscarlett for their friendly encouragement and suggestions. 


“Of course I want you to come,” he declared, his tone clearly exasperated. They’d had this same conversation about the last two events that had come up and she’d put him off, but that strategy wouldn’t work a third time.


“Leo,” she started to protest, but he interrupted her.


“What? You don’t want to be seen with me?” His tone softened as he moved in closer.


“That’s not it and you know it,” she countered, crossing her arms. Now she was the one who sounded severe.


“Why? You got skeletons in your closet I don’t know about?” He flashed her his trademark dimpled smirk.


“Not funny,” she argued. “Everything’s different now. You’re a candidate. There’s press following you everywhere.”


Placing his hands on her hips, he gently pulled her to him. “So? What’s that got to do with us?” he asked.


Back stiff, arms crossed, her body language was clear. “A whole hell of a lot, that’s what,” she argued. “What’s the press going to say?”


Not at all deterred, he leaned closer. “That I’ve got great taste in women.” He slid his hands around to the small of her back. “That a miserable old coot like me doesn’t deserve a gorgeous, intelligent, successful woman like you. No news flash there.” 


She leaned back away from him and rolled her eyes. “Does Congressman Santos even know about me?”


“Do I care?” It was definitely a declaration, not a question and to punctuate it he brought his lips to the spot just below her right ear, the place he knew was her weakness.


She pushed him away enough to look into his eyes. “Will you be serious for five minutes?”


He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her tightly to him, his lips finding that magic spot again. “That’s five minutes I won’t be able to do this.” He began trailing gentle kisses down the side of her neck to the hollow of her throat. A low moan escaped her and he smiled against her skin. “You sure you’re okay with that?” he asked, then began to work his way up to her jaw line.


“Well, you might have a point,” she conceded, her voice low and husky as she relaxed against him.


His kisses trailed back down and he nuzzled into the soft skin where her neck met her shoulder. “I’m not going to stop seeing you, and I’m not going to sneak around. I’d rather pull out of the campaign and let them find some other sucker to do this. I’ve spent too much of my life putting the job first.”


She made a sound somewhere between a sigh and a forced laugh and immediately he could feel the tension seep back into her muscles. “So all of a sudden you’ll be Vice President and you’ll have all kinds of time for us? The job will still come first.  We both know that.”


He sighed as he stopped his kisses to look up into her eyes. “You’re right, of course you’re right, but I need you with me. We’re doing this together or not at all.”


“So, you’d bail out on Josh, disappoint the President, leave the whole Santos campaign in the lurch, if I say so?” She questioned incredulously.


He brought his right hand up to cup her cheek and fixed her with a soul penetrating gaze. “Yeah.”


She took a shaky breath, rested her forehead against his, and asked herself for the umpteenth time how he was able to move her so deeply with one word. She felt his arm tighten around her waist to pull her against him. Still not trusting herself to speak, she leaned back just enough to look into his eyes and nod before finding herself well and thoroughly kissed.


When the kiss ended he decided to go for broke. Her hands had come to rest against his chest and he reached up gathering them into his. He waited for her to look up from their joined hands and meet his gaze. “So, what do you think of making it official?”


“Leo?” Her voice was a tone higher than she liked and hearing it was jarring to her own ears. She took a shallow breath, attempted to collect her thoughts and muster up her professional voice as she continued. She was only partly successful. “What exactly are you asking?”


“Jordan McGarry has a pretty nice ring to it, dontcha think?” He watched her absorb what he’d said and reached into his pocket. “Speaking of rings…” he produced a velvet ring box, expertly opened it one handed and held it up to her.


Suddenly she found herself faced with a dazzling square cut emerald surrounded by sparkling diamonds in what looked like an antique gold setting. “Are you crazy?”


“Crazy in Love?” his reply sounded almost giddy.


She laughed lightly. “Does that line really work for you?”


“You tell me?”


She glanced heavenward before once again getting lost in his soulful eyes. “God help me. I love you Leo McGarry.”


“I love you, too.” He waited a moment before asking, “Is that a yes, councilor?”


“Yes.” He pulled her into a tight hug as soon as she answered.


“What have I gotten myself into?” she asked herself aloud with a shake of her head. .


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Jun. 7th, 2006 09:27 pm (UTC)
Well done, my dear!

Does it reflect very badly on me that I read this as Leo/CJ yesterday?

I'm losing my mind.
Jun. 8th, 2006 12:18 am (UTC)
Well, when you read it, I didn't include a name for the woman at all, and since Leo/Jordan is cannon it may not necessarily come to mind as a Rare Pairinig. ;)
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