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John Spencer - you are missed

When you see this quote Leo McGgarry

LEO: "Cloak and dagger."

JORDAN: Look...

LEO: "Cloak and dagger."

JORDAN: It was one sentence in a two-page note.

LEO: And you sent me a note.

JORDAN: I was asked here on business which I usually conduct at my office.

LEO: I was going to come there but then I thought, between the lobby, the elevator, the reception area,
the paralegal's area, the associate's area and the coffee room of a Washington DC law firm, there
was an outside chance that somebody might recognize the White house Chief of Staff.

JORDAN: All I meant by cloak and dagger is that I'm not cut out for the security meetings and the secret
this and the back channel ambassadors. It's like your in the Mafia.

LEO: Well, it may be like I'm in the Mafia, but I'm not. I work for the good guys.

JORDAN: It was one sentence. The problem was, you were never at the other end of the phone.

LEO: That's an entirely different kettle of beans and we can have that discussion but history's shown
that if you just wait and tell it to a divorce lawyer, you can have half my stuff.

JORDAN: I don't want half your stuff.

LEO: You don't know-- some of it's good stuff.

I always loved how no matter the topic he was flirting with Jordan. Loved that John Spencer charm. I can't believe it's been 5 years.


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Dec. 16th, 2010 08:30 pm (UTC)
LEO: You don't know-- some of it's good stuff.


I loved JS & especially JS as LM.
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